Transition FAQs

These FAQs are designed to help answer some common questions and help with various scenarios you might encounter when clubs using FollowUp start using Drive. Before you begin, be sure to also check out our Pre-Transition FAQs section.

Where are the reports from FollowUp?

  1. Live Reports were released on Dec 16 2020 under Reports > Legacy
  2. Live Club Data scheduled to be released in Drive late December. Once released, these will also sit under Reports > Legacy. (You can still use FollowUp to access Live Club Data until Dec 31).

Why is my Admin section missing options?

  1. Lead Properties and Member Properties are combined under Contact Properties
  2. Questionnaires are always visible in Drive so this option currently does not apply
  3. Event management is scheduled for early Q1 2021. If you need to add, removed or adjust the name of an event (i.e. appointment type), please Submit a Ticket to InTouch Support.
  4. Bulk transfer is scheduled for early Q1 2021 (with lots of new options!). If you need to need to do a bulk lead transfer and cannot access FollowUp, please Submit a Ticket to InTouch Support.

Where did the Follow-Up section go (with our emails, texts, etc)?

The 'Follow-Up' tab has been renamed to Communications and is found under Admin. However, once you begin editing anything in Communications, you may no longer be able to edit using FollowUp. For this reason, we will begin enabling Communications on a per-club basis beginning mid November. Please contact InTouch Support to discuss this timing for your club. 

Why is the Incoming Leads number so high?

The Incoming Leads KPI currently includes any Unassigned Lead whereas FollowUp only included certain scenarios. If your club is integrated with your CMS system, you may often find quite a few Unassigned Leads.

To clean up this number, do a bulk lead transfer in FollowUp if before Dec 31. (Contact InTouch Support if after Jan 1 as bulk transfer will not be available in Drive until early 2021). Assigning out all leads owned by Incoming Leads and Unassigned Leads should do the trick and reset the number to 0. If you still have some left after that, please contact InTouch Support for assistance.

Why is are there so many people in our Kiosk Queue?

The FollowUp queue has a time limit and only shows recent check-ins. Using client feedback received over the years, the time limit was removed in Drive to make sure no lead gets missed. These are all old check-ins that were not actioned out of your kiosk Club Tours Queue in FollowUp over the years.

To clean up your queue:

  1. For New Kiosk Leads section:
    • If before Dec 31, do a bulk lead transfer in FollowUp of any leads assigned to the owner Kiosk Tour. The New Kiosk Leads section includes anyone owned by the virtual staff 'Kiosk Tour'
    • If after Dec 31, contact InTouch Support to do a bulk lead transfer for you.
  2. For the Check-Ins section:
    • Contact InTouch Support. Our development team can remove the check-in status for older check-ins. (This may be done automatically for older check-ins as clubs begin transitioning).