Set Club Hours

Club Hours (also labeled as Working Hours in early releases) allow you to set the hours in which each location is open for business. Setting these hours lets your staff know which hours they in turn can set appointments for leads and members. Club Hours are for display only. (Though future iterations are expected to allow you to set restrictions for staff to only book within open hours).

To Set Club Hours

  1. Log into Drive and select Admin > Club
  2. Go to Club Hours (or Working Hours)
  3. Select your club
  4. Select any future date
  5. You can choose to set hours in which your club is Open or days it’s closed using the Status option
  6. For Open hours, add in your first time slot. Use the + Button to add more time slots for that same day.
  7. Use the Recurrence options to apply to multiple days. Select an End Date of when you want your recurring option to stop.
  8. Select Apply to save your changes and return the calendar

To see how your Club Hours are reflected to staff, select Calendar and add Club Schedule to the Calendar selection found just above your Filters.


For a video tutorial on Club Hours (aka Working Hours), check out this video

Club Hours section begins at 1:39 (1 min and 39 seconds in)