Set Club Details

Club  Details

The Club Details section can be found under Admin > Club and contains the basic information about each InTouch site or location. This is where you can edit your club name, address, club email etc.

Select the Club you wish you view and then Edit to change any information. The Tooltips next to various fields will provide more information about that particular setting. Move your cursor over the Tooltip to view it.


Club UUID: This is the unique identifier for each site. If you are setting up a web form, Zapier app or other integration, you will need the Club UUID to identify your InTouch site.

Country & Timezone: These are set by InTouch. If the country or timezone of any site is incorrect, please contact InTouch Support.

Language: Drive does not currently have language support; all sites are currently available in English only.

SMS Number: This is the individual Text Marketing Number for your site, an optional number currently available in the US and a required number for clubs in Canada. 


For a video tutorial on Club Details, check out the first part of this video