Data Imports

When starting with InTouch, you may have existing leads or members in a separate database. InTouch can import a CSV file of these contact records into your site.

Data File Requirements

Send your data as you want it imported. InTouch does not scrub data, check for duplicate records, or compare lead records to member records, etc. If you would like help with your files, please speak with your InTouch rep prior to sending your import file.

File Format

  • .csv format preferred, but any any Excel format should be okay
  • Submit dates in YYYY-MM-DD format (3/1/2014 can mean March 1st for some and January 3rd for others - don't leave it to chance (or Excel) to decide which to use!)

Required Fields

The following fields are required for ALL Contacts:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Lead Created Date
  • Lead Owner (must be an active staff in InTouch or can be listed as "Unassigned")
  • If your InTouch will be integrated with your Club Management System (CMS), and this contact is already in your CMS, you will need an additional column for the CMS User ID. Our Support team can get you the name of this ID field as it is specific to each CMS. 
  • If Contact is a Member, add to the above:
    • Sold Date
    • Member Retention Owner (must be an active staff in InTouch or can be listed as "Unassigned")
  • If Contact is a Former Member, add to all of the above:
    • Cancellation Date

Optional Fields

  • Date of Birth (in yyyy-mm-dd format)
  • Gender
  • Mobile
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Email Address
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Company
  • Custom (a field of your choosing)
  • License/ID
  • Lead Visited Date
  • Trial Start Date (must also include a Trial End Date)
  • Trial End Date (required if including a Trial Start Date)
  • Contact Method (A Contact Method can be one of the following: Text Message, Leadbox, Outreach, Telephone Inquiry, Email, Unknown, Walk-In, Web Lead, Member Referral, Import)
  • Lead Source
  • Lead Source Details
  • Notes (up to 512 characters)
  • Product Details
  • Cancellation Reason (for Former Members)