The Manager's 5-in-5 Daily Checklist

There are five things a manager should do each day to ensure their club's success. All five can be completed in five minutes.

  1. Check your Homepage for Incoming Leads

  2. Check your Kiosk Queue

  3. Check your Leads and Sales

  4. Check your Staff's To Do Lists and Overdue Items

  5. Check InSights Reports

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

1. Incoming Leads

  1. Look at Leads To Be Assigned – you'll need to assign these to staff.

  2. View new leads that came in through your website, Facebook, etc. To assign, open them individually (click the Assign Button) and change the Lead Owner under the Incoming Leads Dropdown Menu. See below:


2. Guest Kiosk Queue

The Kiosk Queue shows your guests that signed into your InTouch Kiosk that haven't yet been actioned. This queue should be cleared out by the end of each day with each guest having been actioned with one of the following options:

  1. Mark as a No Show: Use this option if the guest left before getting a tour and you want to schedule a No Show Task on your To Do list as a reminder to contact that guest to get them back into the club. A No Show selection will not record a guest visit.

  2. Take on Tour: Use this option to mark a lead as having visited the club

  3. Drop-In Workout: Use this option to mark a non-lead guest visit. This option, when enabled for your club, was designed to allow out-of-town guests to sign your digital guest waiver, but not be included in any followup sequences or reporting.

  4. Clear: Use this option to remove a lead from the queue without selecting any action or next steps


3. Check Your Leads and Sales

Check to make sure your staff have enough active leads and review your recent sales.

  1. elect either Opportunities or Members & Clients.

  2. Choose your FiltersClub, Start Date/Assigned Date, Product, Lead or Member Owner, Lead Source, Contact Method, Lifecycle Group

  3. Select a specific date range or choose Today, Week or Month

  4. The list will populate based on the above criteria


4. Check your Staff's To Do Lists and Overdue Items

  1. Select the Filter icon to open up the filter Panel or choose Overdue Items to view anything that has not been completed by staff

  2. Select a specific date range or choose Today, Week or Month

  3. Apply Filters for Club, Staff, Events, Event Types, or Life Cycle

  4. The To-Do List will populate with your dates and filters applied


5. Check InSights Reports

  1. Sales Overview, this is the main production line. Select a desired date range to view the KPIs needed.

    • How many leads did we add?

    • How many calls did we make?

    • Who toured and when?

    • What do sales look like?


Click Sales Button to view the Sales Activity Report; see what club sales activity was like for a select date range. The report shows all sales activities for each staff.


Click FNL to view the Sales Funnel; here you can compare what happened this month vs. last month vs two months ago


Total Sales: Sales completed with leads added in any month.

Funnel Sales: Sales completed with leads added that same month. e.g Lead added in Oct. sold in Oct.'

Clicking on By Staff provides you with a summary of Funnel Sales by Staff. See how effective each staff is! The higher the Funnel Sales the more sales in the same calendar month!