Pre-Transition FAQs

What is InTouch Drive?

Drive is the newest version of InTouch FollowUp. It's a new front end built on newer technology (HTML5) which allows for new and improved functionality. It uses the same backend database as FollowUp to provide for as easy a transition as possible for our clients.

What's happening to FollowUp?

Beginning Jan 1, 2021 all major internet browsers are planning to block Flash sites which includes FollowUp. Don't worry, your data is not going away. Everything you've done in FollowUp sits in a database; FollowUp is the just the way you've accessed and utilized that data. Drive will just be a different way to access and utilize that data.

You can continue to use FollowUp for the remainder of 2020 if you'd like, but all users will be automatically logged into the new Drive version beginning Dec 31, 2020. 

Do we need to transition our data?

No. Drive uses the same backend database as FollowUp. This means all your data from FollowUp is already in Drive. Your username and password is exactly the same. There's no actual data transition needed. 

Do we need to do any setup?

Only to use new features. There is no setup required, but InTouch Drive does have new functionality, such as 1-1 Email abilities (called Converse) and new appointment confirmation options that you may want to enable in order to allow your staff to use them.

Will it cost more?

No. There is no change in your licensing fees.

How do I access Drive?

It's quite simple. Go to and log in using the same username and password as you do for FollowUp.

Is training available?

Absolutely. We will have live webinars beginning in November, plus you can access our on-demand training videos at any time in the Drive Video Series section of our Online Help Center.

Can we use both FollowUp and Drive side by side until Dec 31st?

Yes, for everything except Communications. The Communications section in Drive (aka the Follow-Up tab within FollowUp) is not backwards compatible. For this reason it will need to be enabled for your club by InTouch Support. Once you begin using Communications in Drive, you will not be able to use the Follow-Up tab within FollowUp.